Monday, June 22, 2009

Pizza Hut to Remain PIZZA Hut

AgencySpy reports that rumors of Pizza Hut changing its brand i.d. to the hip, trendy "The Hut" are unfounded:

Despite several reports over the past two weeks that Pizza Hut is slicing out the word "Pizza" and rebranding itself as "The Hut", the stalwart Yum Brands chain finally issued a statement to the contrary on Friday.

While our sister blog PRNewser offers a full report including the press release, we managed to snag a quick explanation regarding the rumors from Pizza Hut spokesman Chris Fuller, who says:

"We just started using [The Hut] more and more in our marketing. And with text and mobile ordering, it's just easier to type in 'The Hut'. From there, we went for a cleaner, more contemporary look to put on our pizza boxes, but there is no name change."

Bernays Sauce believes this is an immense relief to intergalactic pepperoni crime boss Pizza the Hutt, who now doesn't have to worry about his own brand status changing.

And yes, AgencySpy guys, I did pile on with a lame 'Spaceballs' joke. So sue me.