Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Sauce: With Tonic

Looks like noted Kansas City PR firm Sprenger McCullough has rebranded in hopes it will be just the right Tonic for today's challenging business climate.

Now called "Tonic," the firm's new website is lively and has a definite focus on branding services with a touch of liquid-flavored "fun." Fun figures heavily on their team bio page:
"We take fun very seriously, in fact we hire for it."
The overall philosophy seems to be one of taking the stuffiness and bureaucracy out of the agency experience:
"Ready for a refreshing change from that bloated agency feeling? Tonic offers light and fresh branding solutions from effervescent pros who don't just talk about the work... we actually do it ourselves. No thick, heavy layers to slow you down. And no unpleasant billing after taste..."
Sure this is fun, but why shed the tried and true Sprenger McCullough brand? The site explains:

"As an industry, we have routinely stamped our names on the doors of our businesses, as a choice of pride or arrogance, or maybe, simply tradition. For us, it was time to put a new stamp on the door that better represented what we stand for and what we do. Tonic represents true passion and unlimited energy. And that’s what makes it the perfect culmination of all we do."
The site also features a blog, "Spitballs at the Battleship." We'll let you read up on that one.

The Sauce
If you're going to be a company that brands and rebrands products, services, companies and people, what better place to start than yourself? It's a bold move, but one we think can really "gin up" business (sorry). Having once worked with "Chief Brandologist" Stacy McCullough's team on a project, we can certainly testify that they are positive, fun, talented folks. We at the Sauce wish them the very best.