Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Inside Brookside

Great new Brookside/Waldo (Kansas City neighborhoods) blog here.

It's about things to do, see and experience in our little slice of heaven. The blog had me at:

I am not a dog lover. I am not a pet lover at all..I can’t even fake petting a dog with enthusiasm. But I can understand the whole ‘my pet is part of the family’ emotion. Lots of my friends have dogs and love ‘em like a child. I get it.

However, I have followed with great interest WOOF’s (Well Organized Off Lease Friends) three year quest to get an off leash dog park established in Sunnyside Park at 84th and Summit. Earlier this week the KC Parks and Rec Department once again ruined WOOF’s diligent efforts to get the OK for the park.

Read the rest of My Bark About the Dog Park here.

Anyway, the blog is pithy, fun and worth your time.

Disclosure: I have advised the blog's owner on some PR matters in the past, but not on this blog.