Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Day Weekend (BBQ) Sauce

Okay, I just have to ask: how can CNN write about America's best barbecue without even mentioning Kansas City? Come on--no mention of Arthur Bryant's legendary ribs? The renowned Gates BBQ--or the sublime Oklahoma Joe's?

Now, I'm a transplant to Kansas City and I grew up in a decent but far-from-legendary BBQ state (though the best BBQ sandwich I ever had is the Smokestack from Oklahoma City's own Earl's BBQ.); I've had Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and even British BBQ (don't ask)--and I know you just cannot argue with KC BBQ.

So boo to CNN's lack of foresight on this issue. They deserve any ribbing they get.

Many say the secret is in the sauce. I agree. So, licking my fingers and wishing you a great weekend...see you next week.