Friday, February 13, 2009

"Beard Look Okay? Great." Media Firm Markets with President's Day Humor

Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition. --Abraham Lincoln

Our friends at Thill Media in Kansas City generated some worthy recognition by having a little fun with President's Day in the form of a clever email.

Sent to clients and friends, the email links to a short video titled "Early Experiments in Video Interview". Bedded with downhome fiddle music, an animated "Abe Lincoln" appears on scratchy film stock--and he's clearly having a bad day on the set. Anybody who's had to record a spot can sympathize with "President Lincoln" as he flubs his lines.

Check it out here.

Thill Media Creative Director Dave Simmons came up with the concept and put the piece together, even doing Lincoln's voice.

What spurred the President's Day spoof?

"We had noticed a couple of messages from clients and vendors with Valentine's Day banners or messages. Not being much of a romantic (and with Valentine's Day looming -and still no flowers bought for my beautiful wife), I decided to stay away from some of the potential pitfalls of a Valentine's message," Simmons said.

He added that in the contracting economy he wanted to do something to "lighten the mood and get a message to our potential clients at the same time."

"The over-reaching philosophy is that video, marketing, communications, etc. can be fun. It can be simple. It can be cost-effective, and it doesn't have to involve a three week shoot, fancy computer graphics and a focus-grouped concept. It can just be a simple (albeit disparate), fun message. All that being said --- we also want to put our serious side to work. So call us."

Simmons said a follow-up print piece--unrelated to the Lincoln spoof--is also in the works.

The Sauce
"Beard look okay? great."

Love it.

Dave's right. This is a fun way to show off your abilities and keep in touch with your client/prospect list without appearing to make an obvious sales pitch. It speaks for itself as a great marketing tool...I mean look, we're blogging about it, aren't we?

Don't let anybody tell you a down economy is an excuse not to amp up your marketing and public relations efforts. Now is the time to be bold. Fortune favors the brave, and businesses that conserve their resources to the point of adopting a bunker mentality about marketing do so at their peril.

The comments section is open for your take on Abe Lincoln, the Thill Media approach or your marketing strategy in general.

Oh, and Dave? Get your wife some flowers. She deserves 'em.

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