Monday, September 22, 2008

PRSA Chief: There Are Some PR Pros Who Do Wrong

This is an excerpt from an excellent article centering on PRSA President Jeffrey Julin's advice to the presidential candidates, as well as his take on bad actors in the profession.--Editor

Julin concedes that the PR profession has its own PR problem when it comes to the public’s perception of its own conduct, and that some in the business have fueled that perception.

“Quite honestly, there are communications professionals who do the things that people think [we do], who obfuscate, who do manipulate the information,” he said. “And as an organization for public relations, and as an advocate for effective public relations, we say no, that’s not the way to go.”

In fact, Julin argues that ethics in communication isn’t just a matter of doing the right thing; it simply works better.

“It’s true whether it’s elections or business,” he said. “The most effective communications, no matter what you’re trying to get, is based on truth and accuracy and respect.”

And based on several months as PRSA’s leader, Julin said he’s convinced most communications pros buy into that idea.

“It’s a great profession to be in, and there are great people in it,” he said. “They really do care.”

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Scatterbox said...

Neither the McCain or Obama campaign will sign any a pledge "obligating them to abide by the PRSA Code of Ethics in their campaign communications."

That's because presidential candidates have no reason to treat PRSA as the voice of the influence industry, much less its moral authority.

The truth is that PRSA is none of these things...

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